Texas Rose Festival 2011

The grand floral Parade is by far the community's favorite event... some would even argue that the Parade "is" the Texas Rose Festival! From the very beginning, the Texas Rose Festival Parade has exemplified the heart of the celebration. With hundreds of hours of planning and preparation, hundreds of volunteers, thousands of entries and over 30,000 people enjoying the event street-side, the Parade is the culmination and exhibition of the Festival at its best.
The Parade has always been a colorful variety of entries, including entertaining clowns, marching bands, colorful drill teams, and talented twirlers, prized antique cars, prancing horses, fez-adorned Shriners and visiting dignitaries. In the beginning, rose growers supplied hundreds of dozens of rose blooms free of charge for float decorations and members of the community garden clubs were up all night decorating the spokes of horse-drawn buggies... and, on parade day, airplanes sprinkled rose petals over the entire route! Today, rose growers in the area are still involved in offering the Festival roses, members of the community still serve as volunteers to decorate the floats... and on parade day, it is evident that the entire community joins together to create the most outstanding Parade, of its kind, in the state!
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October 18, 2014
9:00 am
                                Parade Route